One of the must have during camping is a camp fire. Listening to the cracking sound of fire with the crickets singing in between is always a sweet treat while breathing through the cold night air. 

The unreassuring fire, with smoke rotates in the direction according to the wind, reminds us all beauty in nature have a trade off. The beauty is very temporal, the after effects last longer, but if we learn to harvest the energy it takes to produce what is beautiful, then the beauty that passed by us is not wasted. 

Instead of just watching fire burn to keep us warm, we at times, boil water using its heat instead of the gas stove. It would have been perfect if we have brought some sweet potatoes to smoke in the fire, too! 

2018 Camping - Presqu'ile Provincial Park

Courtesy of Peter Lam

That's our backyard view for the next two days!

That's our backyard view for the next two days!

More to come about this camping trip. :)

We arrived late on our first night at the Presqu'ile Provincial Park, the forecast predicted rain but we were lucky to have the sky cleared up for us as we setup our camping equipment for the night. 

The brightest star we saw that night was Jupiter, sitting in the constellation of Libra, follow by Arcturus, the Alpha star of the constellation Bo├Âtes above. and Spica in the constellation of Virgo to the right. 

The bright orangy-yellow light at the horizon you see from the high exposure photograph, it's light pollution from the city on the other side of the lake!

Trying to make sense of what we saw. 

Trying to make sense of what we saw.