Procrastination ~


It was supposed to be a day to clean up my closet and organize my spill-over clothes that I kept accumulating at the living space every time I do my laundry, but instead, I spent the day making lunch, take a slow tea time, and playing the violin. It's a great day of chilling and relaxation. ^^

Well, it is almost 10pm and I finally have the motivation to organize the pile of clothes I meant to clean it up weeks ago. (And instead, I am updating the blog, haha. ... and as I typed, I feel like updating my portfolio reel ...) Argh, stop procrastinating!  

Alright, time to get started before I get tired.  Get to work! 

Harvesting the good weather


Here in my little oasis with a cup of kinoko kuromitsu latte from Tsujuri. I went out to bought some flowers back for visual reference. Also as a little pick-me-up treat for my unusually low energy level today. 

The UV rays is strong today. I can feel it though the windows from my apartment with the blinds down.

I got a new sunglasses! The last one without frame was burning my skin through the rim of the lenses. Hopefully, this one does a better job in blocking UV rays. :)